With more than 40 years of experience as a commercial artist, I have considerable skills in a wide range of mediums, digital, traditional and tactile. Having been freelancing since 2004, I welcome the next project that best challenges my conceptual abilities and broad range of skills as a visual designer. An intelligent and consummate professional, I'm very personable, possess strong, old-school work ethics, a passion for all forms of the visual arts, and I will provide excellent references and more from my portfolio upon request.

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Digital Illustration My strengths as an illustrator include not only exceptional drawing skills, but a solid understanding of materials, composition, color and light, and a love for reading, researching and learning. A proficient and productive graphic artist, I have no preferences in style, technique or medium, which enables me to readily and objectively realize my client's unique and personal vision.

Inspired from the age of 10 by artists such as Hal Foster, Jim Steranko and Frank Frazetta, I had decided that I would one day become a comic book artist. By the time I was fifteen I'd become more interested in reading books by authors like Andre Norton, A.E. van Vogt, Robert Heinlein, Arthur C. Clarke and Isaac Asimov and began to consider the possibility of doing paperback cover art.

I began creating artwork on a PC back in 1991, and I feel truly fortunate to be living in the age of the computer. As a conceptual artist with a number of passionate interests, this awesome and ever-evolving new medium affords me the means by which I continue to explore and create more dynamic forms of communication through illustration.
AV Presentations Instructional Media
Sequentials & Storyboards
Websites & Splash Screens
Photography + Photoshop
Old School
In 1976 I was working and taking courses at Palomar Community College, in San Marcos, California, where my senior instructor, Jim Hulbert, recognized my potential as a designer and expressed his support by endorsing my enrollment in the scholarship program of his Alma Matter: The Art Center School of Design in Pasadena, California. Unfortunately neither I nor my parents could afford the first year's [refundable] tuition, so instead I started my career with the Chula Vista Star News in Chula Vista, California, creating ads and editorial illustration, and learning more about type, photography, layout and deadlines . . .