Wooden Ships & Iron Men incorporated a sophisticated sailing simulator for a period when England ruled the seas. It got excellent reviews in all of the trade journals at the time and was the second collaboration by Avalon Hill and Stanley Associates. To see an example of the cell animation I created simply mouse over the art above, which was used for the Opening Titles.
Working exclusively with Deluxe Paint II Enhanced and a 256 color palette, my contribution to this game was to create UI screens, mouse painting 6 unique ships viewed from 8 compass points and 4 levels of magnification each, and all cell animation including the variable sail configurations, guns firing, smoke and splashes, etc.
3D sets were created per my story boards by Stanley's art department, which also produced the game's title graphics. Inspired by the book: Cross Sections: Man-Of-War, by Stephen Biesty, I was awarded a very generous grade of A for the artwork by PC Gamers' World, which also claimed Wooden Ships & Iron Men " Best strategy and tactics game of 1995."