TrekArt was something I came up with after my wife and I, both big fans of Star Trek, attended our first Star Trek convention in 1992. Having discovered nothing cool available for the home computer, I decided to create the first digital, illustrated encyclopedia of Star Trek. Using only the 14 colors available in the Paintbrush feature of Windows 3.0, it was a big hit in the dealers' rooms at conventions across the country. Out of respect for those fans that purchased my work, I have posted only a few of the images contained within.
Overwhelmed by the fans' enthusiastic response at conventions from coast to coast, I'd set about creating a second gallery using Deluxe Paint II, by Electronic Arts. A very dynamic application at the time, it provided a 254 color palette and animation functions and my intent was to make this database interactive. Unfortunately I was unable to afford the exorbitant license fees demanded by Paramount Pictures so the product never became more than a very popular screen saver.